SEO can be a really confusing area for many businesses, so let’s simplify it. SEO is the practice of getting more traffic from organic/free search results on popular search engines. The most popular search engine, Google, is the primary target of SEO. Achieving higher rankings on Google’s search results leads to more people reaching your website.

Improving your SEO is a gradual process of adapting, creating curated content, building links, and much more, to enable you to climb up the search result rankings!

Step 1 – Research

Competitor and industry sector analysis and search engine placement research enables a robust set of keywords to be defined and forms part of your overall strategic marketing plan.

Step 2 – Strategy

Formulation of a SEO strategy that is aligned with your content, video and brand strategies is crucial. Within this key performance indicators (KPIs), milestones and goals will be set out for a clear route map to success.

Step 3 – Implement & Monitor

Once your SEO strategy is in use, we produce regular, easy-to-understand, and thorough reports. These reports enable you to see how your SEO strategy is progressing in key areas. Digestible summaries are included that talk you through the report and explain how we’re progressing on any short and long-term goals.

On-page optimisation

This is the process of optimising elements within a website that are crucial for visbility and user experience. Google, and other search engines, prioritise website with strong UX. The data structures and technical elements, such as Core Web Vitals, and site speed contribute to successful SEO and increases the relevancy of your website for a set of target keywords that are key to your business and will help to drive organic web traffic (visits) and potential leads.

  • NKeyword Reserach
  • NSEO Audit & Benchmark Report
  • NMeta Tag Optimisation
  • NHeader Tag Optimisation
  • NImage Alt Tags
  • NGoogle Console Set Up
  • NXML Sitemap Submission
  • NContent Review s& Recommendation
  • NNavigation Structure & Permalink Optimisation

Off-site Optimisation

Off-site SEO refers to a range of techniques that take place outside of your website in order to increase the authority and trust of your website. Link-building is one of the primary off-site SEO techniques; this is where links are built to your website from trusted third parties and directories to increase the authority and trust of your domain. Link-building is generally recommended for a minimum of 6 months as this will increase your domain authority and SEO value.

  • NUK Business & directory listings (DA30+ sites)
  • NLocal Listings Submission
  • NGoogle Local Listing
  • NBing Places Listing
  • NMonthly SEO Report

Achieving search engine visbility, naturally

Month-to-month, we focus on the areas that benefit you. This could be mobile search optimisation or an emphasis on local search. Whatever it is, it’s tailored around your SEO strategy and long-term goals for your business.

Our content creation team also feed into our full-service SEO offering. We create content that fits with your SEO strategy, as well as placing it in places on your website that will get the best results. Our video marketing team are also involved due to the increasing emphasis on video SEO.

Are you looking to build on what you already have in place? Is your SEO journey just starting and you need some help and guidance?