Frequency, subject titles, content and design are all factors that affect open rate and click throughs. Email automation will improve business efficiency. We design email campaigns that reach your customers with timely messages and content that work.


Making your email stand out requires excellence in copywriting. From attention grabbing subject lines to concise content that motivates action; we craft email content that works for your target audiences.


With a focus both on aesthetic appeal and user experience, we design emails to have impact for brand awareness and consideration. Responsive design ensure readibilty across multiple devices.


Our team is experienced in designing automated emails to your customer base deepening your customer relationship. Transaction, time lapse and significant date triggers are customised to your business processes and marketing objectives.


Good data management is an essential part of email optimisation that impacts open rate and responses. Our team look at key elements like accurate personalisation, responsiveness and CTAs to optimise your response rates. 

Reporting & Analytics

We have a data driven approach to marketing. Dynamic integration of email performance through both the email client and web analytics provides strategic insights to customer behaviour and sales.

GDPR Compliance

The way that your business collects and stores data is more important than ever. We adopt industry best practice to ensure that your email marketing processes are GDPR-compliant.

Curated Content

Email marketing can drive the conversions you need, while also building customer trust and loyalty. Through its direct approach, it continues to be a great way to communicate with your customers and achieve your business objectives. Utilising A/B testing enables testing of new products, offers and content as part of your marketing strategy development.

Email marketing can be an often-ignored area of your marketing strategy but its potential shouldn’t be undervalued. At redPepper, we’ve designed, built and optimised successful email marketing campaigns for many of our clients. Whether your goal is to drive sales, raise brand awareness, or simply thank your customers for signing up to your newsletter, we’ll create campaigns to achieve them.

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